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Avi Nguyen (RCIC)

BC Sets New Standards for International Student Protections

British Columbia (B.C.) is setting higher standards and strengthening protections for international students in the province, which hosts approximately 553,000 post-secondary students. Among these, more than 217,600 are international students from over 150 countries. These students are distributed between public

9,095 New Student Beds Completed or Underway in BC

British Columbia (B.C.) is making significant investments in student housing as part of the “Homes for People” initiative, committing over $2 billion to build 12,000 on-campus student housing beds. So far, 9,095 new beds are either completed or underway, providing

Toronto and Vancouver Rents Fall Amid Cooling Market Trends

Global News – In recent months, rent growth in Canada has generally stalled, with notable declines in some of the country’s most expensive cities. The latest rent report from Urbanation and for June highlights a mixed landscape across the

Saskatchewan Adds 7,300 Full-Time Jobs Amidst Record Economic Growth

Saskatchewan continues to exhibit robust economic growth, marked by a significant increase in employment figures. According to the latest Statistics Canada data, the province added 14,400 new jobs year-over-year, including 7,300 full-time positions and 7,100 part-time jobs over June of

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