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About us

Overview of our firm

The firm

RED Immigration Consulting is a professional immigration practice organization established under the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia. Our company is built by a team of authorized professional immigration consultants with many years of experience and certifications to practice by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) along with passionate, dedicated, and reliable assistants.

As a professional immigration firm, we are experts at understanding Immigration Laws and Regulations and are committed to providing our clients with in-depth immigration consulting services, as well as customer representation. We work with Canadian federal and provincial agencies to provide the best possible service. RED Immigration Consulting offers immigration services in all federal temporary resident programs such as study permit, visitor visa, work permit, and permanent resident programs for semi-skilled, highly-skilled workers, family sponsorship, and refugees. In addition, we also represent clients who wish to work with the provincial departments in immigration programs for low-skilled to high-skilled workers, international students after graduation, and foreign investors. Finally, we help business owners work with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and apply for LMIA certification that allows business owners to recruit foreign workers and allow their families to study and work in Canada. These programs help immigrants enter the labor market and consequently reduce the labor shortage and provide immigrant workers the opportunity to transition to permanent residents after their work contract is concluded.

Becoming a RED Immigration customer means you will enjoy professional, dedicated, and fast consulting services from a team of skilled immigration consultants. We always strive to bring you more options, update you about the most relevant and current programs or changes as soon as possible; and help you gain an edge in the application process. With a positive work environment and cutting-edge document processing technology, we are confident that you will enjoy the experiences, reasonable, plans, and flexible payment that we offer.

Finally, we treat our customers like family and delight in dedicating our resources to helping them achieve their expectations and start their new life in Canada as soon as possible. Our mission is to hold your hand while you safely begin your journey to build you and your family's future in Canada.

The founder

Avi’s story echoes that of many immigrants, he first came to Canada to study and graduated from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver with a Bachelor of Business in Business Administration. With a post-graduation work permit, Avi gradually accumulated experience in handling immigration applications related to temporary permits, foreign worker hiring permits, sponsorship, and investments during his time working as a case-processing officer for an immigration consulting firm. Later, he had an opportunity to work as a legal assistant for a well-known law firm in Vancouver to assist lawyers in litigation and immigration matters such as asylum, LMIA application, human rights, civil and criminal litigation. Combining all the knowledge he accumulated working for these companies and his enthusiasm, Avi continued his professional education in immigration and was authorized to practice by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). As a member of the College, he is allowed to represent clients and work directly with provincial and federal departments in the field of immigration.

Throughout his 10 years of studying and working in Canada, Avi is fully aware of the barriers and difficulties immigrants encounter when they want to realize their dreams of immigrating to Canada for study or work. Having firsthand experience of these obstacles is what prompted Avi to establish RED Immigration Consulting Inc. to help other immigrants realize their plans of living and working in Canada. At RED Immigration Consulting, we have designed a personalized roadmap specifically for you so can take advantage of certain opportunities to shorten the time and increase the likelihood of success for you and your family's immigration goals.

Professional ethics

RED Immigration commits to complying with the Code of Ethics of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). Through this commitment, we ensure that the interests of the client are always first and center. We have no tolerance for ambiguity and will do all we can for our clients unless it violates the standards set forth in the Code of Ethics.

Core values

RED Immigration always complies with Canada's Immigration Laws and Regulations. We assess the risk, utilize the law, and orient all possible options to completely solve or minimize immigration issues utilizing the law. As a result, it is not only accelerating the processing of your application and avoids unnecessary verification during the review, but also keeps your records intact at all times and avoid affecting other cases.


To provide customers with prompt, concise, and accurate updates on immigration policies using our sophisticated system that continuously monitors, compares, and informs changes in immigration programs. With these information, customers will have a computational edge to take advantage of the changes and the experts at RED Immigration Counseling can assist you accordingly to optimize their chances of success. In addition, we continuously strive to offer the best possible service hence we constantly improve and develop the immigration information system to provide effective predictions and solutions for customers, apply technology to accelerate the process of preparing and presenting documents, and shorten our processing time, so that customers can rest and focus on other things in their life.


With diverse immigration policies and independent federal and provincial decentralization regulations, Canada is famous as a country that attracts human resources to work, study, invest and settle. With frequent and flexible changes in immigration admission and differences between markets, RED Immigration builds a range of multilingual content and services along with self-assessment tools for customers to quickly capture the essential information and assess themselves to make the best decisions.

RED Immigration Consulting Inc.